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Economic Priorities

South Australia is a place where people and business thrive.

The vision is about protecting the way of life that we value but opening the door to new ideas, new opportunities, new people and new businesses.

It is about us all taking bold actions and seizing opportunities.

It’s acknowledging that we must try new things, even though some of them might not go to plan.

The vision emerged from our approach to government, at the heart of our economic development strategy, where there is a partnership between strong business,strong government and strong community. The economic priorities and actions that will underpin the vision reflect this partnership.

We are committed to working with business and the community to make sure that South Australia works to its strengths and prospers in the global economy.

To find out more, please visit South Australia’s Economic Priorities website.


Ageing Well International Conference – Adelaide, South Australia

Adelaide Convention Centre November 22-23, 2017

The Conference will highlight the leading transformational global trends and bring together international experts to explore the business innovation and social innovation opportunities through people’s participation and productivity. At the heart of the design and thinking is ensuring people in their 60’s and beyond have better choices that bring their life greater purpose and meaning, and more control in determining the choices available to them as they transition through life’s course.

To register interest in receiving the Ageing Well International Conference program and registration information please email your contact details to the Office of the Economic Development Board of South Australia here.


The Premier’s Ageing Well Innovation Challenge

Australia’s ageing demographic presents a major opportunity for our nation to lead in meeting the needs and aspirations of people across the world as they live longer and more active lives.

South Australia is committed to driving Ageing Well innovation with the dual goals of meeting needs and capturing economic opportunity.

Successful businesses and entrepreneurs will have the chance to showcase their products and services at the 2017 Ageing Well International Conference to be held in Adelaide in November, 2017.

To learn more about the Premier’s Ageing Well Innovation Challenge, or to apply to have your business showcased, click here.

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Shaping the Future of South Australia Program

The Shaping the Future of South Australia program was sparked at a Committee for Economic Development of Australia (CEDA) Trustees meeting in November 2013, where His Excellency Rear Admiral Kevin Scarce, AC CSC RANR (His Excellency) called upon CEDA members to help address the current challenges facing South Australia.  In short, what was required was a non-partisan approach by business, Government, academia and the community to support South Australia and inform decision making in the State.

Importantly, His Excellency encouraged the Shaping the Future of South Australia program to avoid a ‘talkfest mentality’, and as leaders and citizens of South Australia, create meaningful actions to help shape the future of South Australia.

In response, the Shaping the Future of South Australia Foundation Partners, KPMG, CEDA, BankSA, Flinders University and the Department of State Development, developed a program to help inform the decision-making in South Australia.

The program of work included a detailed consultation process involving workshops, live web-stream forums and an online survey of business, Government, academia and the community.  The process was undertaken using seven key themes followed by an action planning workshop, which included:

  • Access to Funding
  • Regulatory Reform
  • Trade
  • Infrastructure
  • Migration / Skills
  • Innovation
  • Leadership

In early August, the Shaping the Future of South Australia Final Report was delivered by Foundation Partners to the EDB to help inform decision-making to shape the future of South Australia.

On 11 August 2014, at a sold-out CEDA event, the Foundation Partners launched the ‘Top 10 Identified Actions’ from the Shaping the Future of South Australia.  In addition, the Premier announced a vision for the State: South Australia is the place where people and business thrive and a new loan program to drive business growth and create jobs.

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Brand South Australia

Open the door

In May 2012, the Premier asked the Economic Development Board to lead the development of a new State brand.

Our new brandmark clearly demonstrates we are the central doorway to the whole of the country. South Australia is the south of Australia. The pivotal state. The hub. The only one that touches every other mainland state. If you were overseas and knew nothing about this country, suddenly our State seems like the natural entry point and the best place to go first. Our doorway welcomes opportunity.   Everyone plays a part in greeting opportunities at every level. Including the people that simply live here and enjoy a world-class lifestyle.

Get involved

The brand we’ve created isn’t just for the Government. It isn’t just for tourism. It isn’t just for business. It isn’t just for you and me. It’s a brand that works – quite literally – for everyone in the State. Education. Investment. Migration. Trade and export. Tourism. There isn’t an area of economic activity that won’t benefit from employing this brand. Because the better we sell our State, the better State we’ll all be in.  We actively encourage any South Australian entity or individual to use the brand to open the door to greater economic prosperity for yourself and the State.

To get involved, please visit: Brand South Australia


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Investment Attraction South Australia

Investment Attraction South Australia leads the State Government’s efforts in pursuing investment from both overseas and interstate companies.
The agency’s mandate is to capture foreign direct investment – investment which creates high value-adding industries and sustainable jobs.

Investment Attraction South Australia works with investors to:

  • provide a dedicated point of contact for all project requirements
  • ensure they have the best support to expedite a project in what may be a new city
  • simplify dealings with government and other business partners to
  • streamline the path to a secure investment
  • provide policy and regulatory assistance to accelerate investments
  • help access the State’s skilled local workforce, ensuring investors are connected to professionals who can deliver results.

A dynamic, customer-focussed agency, Investment Attraction South Australia get things moving quickly for businesses and can tailor support that makes investment plans happen.

To find out more visit Investment Attraction South Australia

For investment opportunities in South Australia, contact:
Investment Attraction South Australia
GPO Box 320
Adelaide, South Australia 5001
Phone +61 8 8303 2432



Change@South Australia

The Economic Development Board strongly supports the South Australian Government commitment to public sector renewal through the Change@SouthAustralia program.

We are in a constrained financial environment where we must make savings, but we live in a community that has ever-increasing demands for services.  That equation won’t work unless we do things differently and the Change@SouthAustralia program is about making those changes across all of our public services.

The Board is driving the program, through membership on the Steering Committee, with the aim of striving for a higher quality public sector to deliver better quality and more innovative community services.

To find out more, please visit: Change@SouthAustralia

Kangaroo Island Futures Authority

The Kangaroo Island Futures Authority is overseen by an Advisory Board led by Raymond Spencer, Chair of the Economic Development Board.  The Advisory Board provides advice to Deputy Premier, the Hon John Rau.

The Advisory Board provides advice on the development and implementation of an integrated plan to improve social and economic outcomes for Kangaroo Island residents, while at the same time preserving the quality of an internationally recognised tourism asset.

To find out more, please visit: Kangaroo Island Futures Authority