Purpose Statement

The purpose of the Economic Development Board is to maximize the value of emerging economic opportunities for South Australia, so that South Australia is recognised as the most competitive place in Australia in which to invest and grow a business.

It will advocate that the benefits of our prosperity are shared across current and future generations of all South Australians in a way that sustains and enhances our State’s unique environment and liveability.

The major activities of the EDB are to:

  • Advise the Government of the day on what is needed to maximize economic development, and identify what needs fixing, changing or improving
  • Champion processes that make South Australia the most competitive place to do business
  • Promote the South Australian story, advocating the benefits of South Australia’s economic growth across the community, Australia, and the world, and lead the conversation on what is needed for economic development
  • Lead project teams in strategic areas to drive economic development

EDB Charter

The Economic Development Board was established in 2002 and is an independent advisory body to the Government on economic development issues in South Australia.

  • Develop and oversee the implementation of a framework for economic development in South Australia.
  • Provide high level strategic and policy advice to Government on economic development and industry issues.
  • Advise on and help facilitate the development of major projects which are of significance or strategic importance to the State’s development and have government support.
  • Work in partnership with the private sector to facilitate and promote the economic development of the State.
  • Work with government and business to ensure the State’s business environment and infrastructure is competitive and supports the development of South Australia’s existing business base as well as the creation and attraction of new businesses.
  • Promote innovation, education and skills development as key drivers behind the State’s economic growth and work collaboratively with government agencies, education and research institutions and the private sector in promoting and developing the State’s knowledge-based potential.
  • Pro-actively promote investment and business opportunities in South Australia and work with the private sector in facilitating strategic investment opportunities that support South Australia’s economic development framework.
  • Give regard to the specific economic needs and challenges faced by regional communities.
  • Establish, monitor and measure the performance of the State on key economic, social and environmental indicators.