Investing in the arts – underpinning South Australia’s future as a vibrant and innovative state

The EDB recognises that a productive cultural and creative sector is as a key marker of a successful economy and makes a community liveable. A vibrant arts ecosystem is both an economic force in its own right and supports the state in attracting and retaining the diversity and calibre of residents we seek to drive the connectivity, innovation and creativity that underpins our future prosperity across a range of sectors.

Two discrete elements of work are being pursued by the EDB’s Creative and Cultural Sub-committee:

  • The first is a literature review of materials that provide learnings from other locations (both nationally and globally) on the social and economic impact on cities and regions that have invested in the creative and cultural sector
  • The second recommendation is to take lessons that are applicable to South Australia from the literature review to develop a common framework or tool for assessing creative and cultural sector investment opportunities

The literature scan and framework will support and facilitate State Government prioritisation of funding opportunities and contribute to clear, robust and consistent decision-making.  Building on State Government policy for funding assessments, it will have a broader remit to consider additional social and cultural factors beyond the use of a purely economic lens in making investments in the sector.

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